Class Bank License

Class Bank License

September 23, 2018 0 By Sarah



The Classroom Banking System has everything you need to to run an economy system in your class and requires almost no effort! This system works with or without a barcode scanner. Not only will it save your hours of time, but your students will LOVE their bank cards!

Adding a reward or fine is as simple as scanning a bank card and scanning a certificate. This product has revolutionized the way I manage behavior and academics. I used to have to create individual reports for students who were struggling. Not any more- this will provide you with everything you need! It’s as simple as handing out a certificate, but it gives you a wealth of data in an easy to read report.

I’ve tried dozens of apps and websites, but none have given me the flexibility or saved me as much time as this.



  • Creates Student ID cards (with each student’s picture)
  • Creates custom Reward and Fine certificates
  • Effortless Management- Everything is automatic!
  • Provides a list of transactions with easy to use filters
  • Creates amazing reports to show parents and administrators
  • Create per-student reports showing their performance vs the class average
  • Scam/Cheat Proof!
  • Integratable with any Class Economy System
  • Seasonal background pictures